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It’s all about relationships, and Randye has been thrilled to contribute her voice to a variety of awesome projects over the years. Here’s a partial list of Randye's happy customers and what they have to say about working with her as a voiceover talent.

  • Continental Airlines
  • Dannon
  • Curad
  • Dove
  • Estee Lauder
  • Mark Baker Eddy Museum
  • Russ Plush Toys
  • Spoken Arts Media
  • Cablevision
  • Global Compliance Solutions
  • Big Lots
  • Burger King
  • Executone Voicemail system
  • Museum of Currency
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Newborn Channel
  • Robustelli World Travel
  • Effie and Echo Awards
  • Brilliance Audio
  • Elizabeth Arden Spas
  • Marriott
  • Max Curious Productions
  • Toshiba
  • Verizon
  • Dannon
  • Kohls
  • Live Oak Media
  • Kyocera
  • Cox Communications
  • Cadillac Jack Video Games
  • Nestle Waters
  • … and many more.



Testimonials from Happy Customers
Here's the scoop about working with Randye

"Need a smooth, melodic voice? Or maybe a female character, like a gum-snapping waitress or a doting mom? How about a cabaret singer? Make one call to Randye. She'll nail it."

Joe Giaccone, President, Storytellers Inc., Norwalk CT

"Anyone looking for Voice Over talent needs to speak with Randye. Her professionalism, attention to detail and ability to produce exceptional quality under tight time constraints is amazing. I strongly recommend Randye for your voice over needs!"

Michael Hammond

"Have had the pleasure of working with Randye on multiple projects and must say she is incredibly talented, versatile and a wonderful addition to any voice-over, acting, singing or perfomance related project. I cannot speak highly enough about her!"

Christopher Rich, Owner/Vice-President, All For Arts

"Randye has worked with Fairview Media on multiple projects with tight deadlines, and rapidly changing requirements. She has always been right with us, through easy clients, and not so easy jobs, remaining on track and on time, giving her expert knowledge of professional voicing to us. Randye is an asset that I will continue to keep in my ranks for the future."

Eric Oppegaard, Fairview Media

"I've worked with Randye many, many times over the years. She's a top voiceover talent, one of those people gifted with both a golden tone and superb acting ability. Her reads are among the very best, and her ability to read difficult copy smoothly has kept her in demand for everything from commercials to audio books to corporate narrations. A joy to work with. She's a great VO and acting coach as well!"

Bruce Bayley Johnson, Owner, Bruce Bayley Johnson, Bruce B. Johnson Superspots Inc.

"We appreciate your professionalism and world class recordings."

Neil Fishman, President, Holdcom Voice Production

"Spoken Arts first recorded Randye Kaye in 1984, and have had her voice dozens of projects ever since. Producing children’s audiobooks requires great narrators; Randye is the consummate storyteller. She is among the best voice actors we’ve ever recorded…a real pro."

Daniel M. Welsh, President and Publisher, Spoken Arts Media, NY

"I have had the pleasure of working with Randye for many years, on too many shows to count. I hire Randye again and again for her professional attitude and her rich, smooth delivery, which make my job as director and editor easy. If you need to impress your client, Randye Kaye is a slam dunk."

Jeff Jacoby, Owner, Living Sound Productions

"Randye Kaye has been the outstanding performer in quality (and quantity) in the hundreds of radio and TV spots I have produced. She always has an intelligent understanding of the script and a rare voice that is warm, persuasive and gently commanding. I rely on her work more than any other actor."

Herb Jay - Producer, Director

"Randye ‘gets it.’ She has a way of sensing the right level of assertiveness, compassion, playfulness, sarcasm (or whatever is being called for) on the first take so that subsequent takes are more a matter of fine-tuning. Recommending Randye Kaye to my clients makes me look good!"

— Walt Graham Productions, Norwalk, CT

" You rule! stuff sounds Great!"

Wayne June, Specialized Voice Services for All Media | website

"Randye is a great Voiceover to work with. She does not rest til you are satisfied with the end product. Randye takes great pride in her ability to provide the correct read for your projects."

Byron Campbell, Firelight Media Group

"Randye is an outstanding VO talent, and a great person. She is consistent, professional, and takes direction extremely well. You couldn't want more or do better."

Bruce Colgate, Partner , Alliance Video and Post, Inc.

"Randye always delivers a great read and is a pleasure to work with"

Wendy Lambert , Palace Productions

"I have known of Randye's work for some time as a seasoned professional voice over talent. Last year I had the opportunity to hire her through my company, Bill Rock Productions, for a specific project. After working with her I found her to be very versatile, possessing much talent as well as knowledge of the craft enabling her to bring something new to the table while still taking direction. In other words the type of talent with whom a producer wants to work. I subsequently hired her for more diverse work and that time she was even able to recommend other voices to fill the requirements of that job. Randye is a pleasant accomplished professional and I would definitely hire her again."

Bill Rock , Bill Rock Productions

"Randye can quickly match the right sound to the VO need. And, she can do so for hours at a time if necessary with little direction. For us, she's been a superb fill-in radio host in both news and music capacities."

Tom Kuser, WSHU radio (NPR affiliate, CT)

"I've worked for many years with Randye. She's highly professional, flexible, a fast study, has excellent range and works quickly. I recommend her with absolutely no reservations."

John Fishback , P &P Studios

"Randye is true professional...reliable, talented, organized for success. We've worked together many times as voice actors and I've always been impressed with her talent, her skills, her warm and gracious relationships with clients, her ability to take direction, and her fun-loving personality. I've recommended her to other producers and will continue to do so."

Alan H. Sklar , Freelance Voice Actor , Freelance Voice Actor

"Randye and I have done commercials together, and, like me, weboth come to voice-overs from a long background in radio. I believe that broadcasting experience allows one to "get it" quickly, as well as to react well to direction and to "bring one's brains" to the project should we need to self-direct. Working with her, I know that Randye has all the above skills in abundance. She is a pleasure to work with, and I enthusiastically look forward to the next opportunity."

Paul Payton , Owner , Paul Payton Voice-Overs & Narration

"I've hired Randye for fill-in on air work a few times in the past...both as a newsperson and an on-air talent...she's terrific! Sounds great, extremely knowledgeable and very diverse...a true professional!"

Dave Ashton, Cumulus Radio

"Randye was a pleasure to work with. Great voice, very talented, and extremely professional. Was able to provide service under our tight time constraints. We would be happy to do business with her again."

Matthew Pepe, Intelecare

"Randye is not only a wonderful warm person, easy to work with, but she is also a top notch VO talent. Her effortless performance is smooth and she brings a great depth of understanding to the script..."

Matt Berky , Owner , Massive Productions

"Randye is a consumate professional! In addition to having a great voice her reading skills are superb. In an industry where time is of the essence Randye has consistently demonstrated that L&R's clients deadlines are as important to her as they are to us. We look forward to many more years of being able to work with Randye."

Tom Russo, L&R Productions

"Action Media Productions was producing a Plastic Surgery video for a client in Central Jersey and I provided them with 3 Voice Over Demos...all 3 Physicians chose Randye. Randye was such a pleasure to work with; giving her professional opinion when needed and taking direction like the professional that she is. The finished product was highly praised and won several industry awards. I would not hesitate to hire Randye in the near future."

Jeffrey Gould, Action Media

"I have known Randye for a few years. Not only is she an exceptionally talented woman, but also a woman of integrity, dynamism, and intelligence whose warmth and love of people shine through. Anyone who works with her will find her to be kind and giving. She is also one to demonstrate professionalism in all she does. I highly recommend her work."

Michael Pizzi , Artistic Director , Touching Humanity, Inc.

"It’s been such a pleasure working with Randye over the last 15 years. Her upbeat personality and professionalism make her one of my most preferred and recommended voiceover talents. I can always count on Randye to provide a perfect read the first time and she is always there to accommodate me in a pinch should I need last minute revisions."

John Robustelli, Executive Producer, Robustelli Media Group

"I got your files, and I'm psyched! This was too easy! I think they're both great and beautiful. It's been a great pleasure working with you; you're now on my Preferred Voices list."

Jay Inman, Inmania Design | Motion Graphics & Interactive Design

"Genuine, Trustworthy, Cridble voice...How about super-feb-erific?!"

Jeff Goldstein, Owner, Legend Productions

"You're making me look good."

Mark Holleran, Holleran Media, Trumbull CT

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Rave Reviews for Randye

A Picture Book of Anne Frank

Author David A. Adler | Illustrator Karen Ritz | Narrator Randye Kaye

"The narrator, Randye Kaye, reading with clarity and precision, tells the well-known story of the Jewish girl and her family who hid during the Holocaust...[This] high-quality read-along...[is] excellent for school and public libraries."


The Money Tree

Author Sarah Stewart | Narrator Randye Kaye

"Randye Kaye's voice floats above the serene background music and sound effects. Her cadence is gentle and measured, mirroring the observant main character."



Author Susan Isaacs | publisher Brilliance Audio

"TA fun caper, read with the perfect bubbly bravado by Randye Kaye."

Sukey Howard, AudioBook Page

"Susan Isaacs' PAST PERFECT receives Randy Kaye's fine actress background and broadcasting strengths as it tells of Katie's ideal life working as a TV series writer."

Midwest Book Review, AudioBook Page

"Sometimes I like narrators because they sound the way I imagine the author would sound. In my mind...Randye Kaye is Susan Isaacs (Past Perfect)."

Kathy Hansen, blogger/author, A Storied Career

"Kaye reads the story primarily in Katie’s voice: a semi-sophisticated New Yorker with a flippant edge. She also creates excellent voices for the other characters: the former co-worker, squeaky and irritating; the former undercover spy, deep and slow; and Katie’s understanding husband, calm and resonant."

Nola Theiss, KLIATT, 2007

The Library

Author Sarah Stewart | publisher Live Oak Media

"The female narrator (Randye Kaye) gives a warm, approachable reading to Stewart’s gently humorous verse."

School Library Journal

A Picture Book of Eleanor Roosevelt

publisher Live Oak Media

"The oral presentation by Randye Kaye provides a dramatic interpretation of the written word."

Along the Luangwa, & Mountain Mists

publisher Soundprints

"Randye Kaye's gentle voice guides the listener through these two stories."


Kangaroo Island

publisher Soundprints

"Kaye reads this informational book about an area in Australia in a clear, polished, professional voice…the tone bright and enthusiastic."


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